Project owner

Governo do Estado do Amazonas


GMP Design e Projectos do Brasil Ltda


Schlaich Bergermann und Partner

Steel contractor

Martifer Construções SA

This Stadium was used in the 2014 World Cup, hosted in Brazil, and was designed to accommodate approximately 44 500 viewers. Its conception is very modern and daring, with the steel structure totally involving the seats, creating a specific and unique visual identity, integrating facade and roof and forming an harmonic assembly that looks like a typical Amazonian basket.
This Project was developed by two German companies, GMP and SBP. The manufacture and assembly of the steel structure was made by Martifer Company and the stadium construction was made by the construction company Andrade Gutierrez.
To cover the spectator stands and VIP areas of the new Manaus stadium, a steel roof structure is developed, consisting of diagonally arranged, cantilevering steel box girders, incorporated with a secondary steel structure carrying the membrane cladding. The selection of this structural system, especially the diagonal arrangement of roof girders, was made to visualize the architectural concept and to generate a distinctive characteristic structural design.
The cladding supporting system is connected with the girders of the primary cantilever system.
The steel structure of the Stadium has the particularity of not being stable before fully completed. This means that the modules needed to be anchored when mounted sequentially until all other modules were fixed in their proper positions. In this case, each set consisting of an "X" of facade and an "X" double coverage horizontally is anchored to the concrete stands connected to the traction node, by means of a steel device and vertically through the truss towers interim steel with 17 m high.
In the last stage, the provisional horizontal supports of the traction nodes are removed and the simultaneous lowering and subsequent removal of the temporary towers. Finally, the stage will be closed with the installation of metallic subsets with the membrane.