Mitigation of the risk of progressive collapse in steel and composite building frames under exceptional events

The main aim is to produce a set of practical and user-friendly design guidelines for mitigating the risk of progressive collapse of steel and composite structures subjected to exceptional events such as impact and explosions. This will be based on recent research projects and available normative documents in order to propose a common European design methodology.

The main dissemination will be through a design manual including worked examples, which will be drafted in 10 national languages as well as a series of workshops in 11 European countries.

The 10 languages are English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish.

All information will be available on this website.

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FAILNOMORE is an EU funded programme under RFCS, the Research Fund for Coal and Steel

Project duration: 24 Months
(2020-07-01  -  

Total budget: €958.413
Max. EU funding: €958.413