In the Czech Republic, national annexes are paid.

In order to get the Czech Republic's National Annexes in English please contact the Czech Office for Standardization ([email protected]) by e-mail, in English, German or French, with a specific request for the national annexes. They will reply to your email including the price for the specific annexes and the method of payment. The national annexes are then sent in pdf by email.

Finnish NAs for free and translated into English:

The French National Annexes can be bought via the AFNOR website :

AFNOR online shope

Here are the direct links to the Eurocode 3 French National Annexes and to the EN 1990, EN 1991-1-3 et EN 1991-1-4:


EN 1993-1-1 :

EN 1993-1-2 :

EN 1993-1-3 :

EN 1993-1-4 :

EN 1993-1-5 :

EN 1993-1-6 :

EN 1993-1-7 :

EN 1993-1-8 :

EN 1993-1-9 :

EN 1993-1-10 :

EN 1993-1-11 :

EN 1993-1-12 :

EN 1993-2 :

EN 1993-3-1 :

EN 1993-3-2 :

EN 1993-4-1 :

EN 1993-4-2 :

EN 1993-4-3 : No National Annex

EN 1993-5 :

EN 1993-6 :


EN 1990 :

EN 1991-1-3 :

EN 1991-1-4 :

 German NAs are not free of charge and only available in German:












The Dutch National Annexes can be bought here:

NEN website

In Norway you have to buy the Eurocode with the NA

Link to the web site where to buy the standards:

The PKN – Polski Komitet Normalizacyjny (Polish Committee for Standardization) website allows to search for standards numbers and indexes that can be tracked online or downloaded for a fee. 

Polski Komitet Normalizacyjny


The National Annexes are in the process of elaboration. 

Communication from Ministerio de Transportes, Movilidad y Agenda Urbana


Eurocodes in Sweden :


BSI has an online bookshop which can be used to search, buy, and download standards including the National Annexes for EN 1993: