With 95% of recycling (structural steel), steel is the most recycled construction material. Our industry works hard for always improving these figures as it is the only material 100% recyclable. But what makes steel extraordinary is that it is indefinitely recyclable without any loose of its characteristics in comparison to other construction materials.


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When assessing the carbon footprint of materials, it is therefore very important to consider to whole life cycle of the construction products but more generally of the buildings themselves. It includes their lifespan and maintenance needs, the recyclability of the materials or even the reuse, which is the ultimate phase of a circular economy approach.

Sustainability of construction products - Environmental product declaration (EDP)


The Harmonized standard EN 15804 is currently under revision. The mandatory position of Module D is under discussion. This would be in line with the new EU policy developments. Indeed, discussions at the EU level are now around the REUSE of construction products. To do so, the design for deconstruction is one of the new challenges the industry is facing. However, the steel industry did not wait for dismantling and re-erecting buildings from one place to another. Thanks to this long experience, steel construction can play a leading role in this.


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