In 1998, ECCS created the "Charles Massonnet Award" to recognize a prominent scientist who highly contributed to the advancement of scientific and technical support to constructional steelwork, and who had worked or is working in a Technical Committee of ECCS as a Full Member, as a Chairman or as Secretary of one of the mentioned committees. The Charles Massonnet Award is presented every year by an ECCS member association.  
charles massonnet

Professor Charles Massonnet was an eminent expert and academic, but also one of the most leading personalities members of ECCS who contributed to the promotion of the use of steel in construction through his work and his tuition in stability, plasticity and strength of materials. Born on 14 April 1914 in Arlon, in the Belgian Province of Luxembourg, Professor Charles Massonnet was a scientist of national level (professor at the University of Liège, Belgium) as well as of international level (Doctor Honoris Causa at the Technology University of Göteborg, in Sweden, the Federal Polytechnical School of Zürich, in Switzerland, Associate Member of the National Academy of Engineering of the United States of America, Foreign Member of the Polish Academia of Sciences). Professor Charles Massonnet passed by on 4th April 1996.

Nominees of the Charles Massonnet Award