ECCS is convinced of the merits of steel in construction. What about the others?
In 2017, it was decided to allow the public to vote among the 11 Awards of Merit selected for the Award of Excellence.
Thanks to social media ECCS has been able to reach 250.000 people and many of them took part to the vote. The PUBLIC AWARD was attributed to BURJ AL ARAB TERRACE, Dubai.

Project owner



Sigge Architects - Kudos Dsign

Consulting engineer

Sweco Structures Ltd - Bluetech Finland Ltd

Steel contractor

Admares Ltd

The project Burj Al Arab Terrace is totally unique 10 000 sqm luxury island made of steel and supported by steel piles. Burj Al Arab Terrace is located at the seaside of the world famous 7 star hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai. The structure was designed and prefabricated in Finland. The entire prefabricated 4000 ton steel structure was transported in one shipping from Finland through Suez Canal to Dubai.

This luxury island comprises fresh water pools, sea water pools, sand beach, restaurant, shops, private cabanas and VIP-areas for exclusive hotel quests. The driven steel piling solution is also unique at Dubai coast line. The piling solution enabled exceptionally fast piling work and remarkable savings compared into the methods previously used.

The environmental impact of this solution is minimal compared to traditional and originally
planned solutions for this project. Also the disturbances for the hotel quests were minimal
because of the fast piling method (completed in few weeks) and complete prefabricated delivery in one shipping. This made even the environmental loading of the transportation
minimal as the land transportation was practically eliminated. The hotel operations were
running continuously through the whole piling and installation process.

Also the project delivery time was exceptionally fast. Totally 15 months from the contract signing to the opening ceremony including design, manufacture, piling, assembly and finishing. Time needed for the transportation and assembly was 2 months. Manufacturing time was 9 months.