The objective of the EUROPEAN STEEL BRIDGE AWARDS is to give European recognition to outstanding steel and composite bridges emphasizing the many advantages of steel in sustainable construction, production, economy and architecture.

The Awards are opened to steel and composite bridges which steel structures were fabricated in the ECCS full members’ countries. The construction must have been completed and be ready for use within the last three years.

Bridges, footbridges and renovation projects (major retrofit, expansion or rehabilitation) are eligible.

Bridge awards take place every two years.


The International Jury 2018 was: Pavel RYJACEK, Czech Constructional Steelwork Association; Dennis RADEMACHER, Chairman of the ECCS Bridge Committee; Georg PENDL, President of the Architects’ Council of Europe; Aris CHATZIDAKIS, President Elect of the European Council of Civil Engineers; Roman KOUCKY, Architect and Head of Metropolitan Plan Office, Prague Institute of Planning and Development; Lasse KILVAER, Chairman of ECCS Awards and Architecture Committee; Véronique DEHAN, ECCS Secretary General.

The European Steel Bridge Awards will be chosen among the finalists, which were chosen from the initial nominees.
This year a record of 35 projects were submitted.

Launch of SBA 2018

The finalists for the European Steel Bridge Awards for the Category Road and Railway Bridges are:
(alphabetical order by country)



The reconstruction consisted in the removal of a technically unsuitable bridge at km 80,930 of the railway line and provision of the requested railway line speed of 160 km/hour. The original three consecutive structures were replaced with a bridge with a single opening, as requested by the Morava River Basin Agency.

  • Owner: Správa železniční dopravní cesty

  • Architect: Václav Kocián

  • Engineering company: Exprojekt s.r.o

  • Contractor: FIRESTA - Fišer, rekonstrukce, stavby a.s.



The new Rethe Bascule Bridge across the Rethe (branch of the Elbe River) in Hamburg is to substitute the existing vertical lift bridge that was built in 1934 on one hand and to considerably improve the traffic situation of the road, rail and ship on the other hand. The superstructure is divided in two parts, one for railway and one for road.

  • Owner: Hamburg Port Authority AöR (HPA) Neuer

  • Architect: Ingenieurbüro Grassl GmbH

  • Engineering company: Ingenieurbüro Grassl GmbH

  • Contractor: ARGE Rethebrücke (Hochtief, Bilfinger F+Z Baugesellschaft Bilfinger MCE, Waagner Biro) Hochtief Infrastructure GmbH



Loftesnesbrui is a 194-meter-long steel bridge, situated in the town of Sogndal by the Sognefjord. The bridge has a network tied arc in the main span, and the middle of the arc is 15 meters high, from top to bottom. The new Loftesnesbrui bridge was built because the old bridge over the Loftesnes sound was very narrow, and it was starting to show signs of wear and tear. The bridge from 1958 had almost no space for pedestrians.

  • Owner: Statens vegvesen Region vest

  • Architect: pka ARKITEKTER

  • Engineering company: ÅF Consult AS

  • Contractor: PORR AG/PNC Norge AS & K.A. Aurstad AS



The Old Årsta Bridge was built to improve the railway infrastructure to and from Stockholm and was opened in 1929. Since 1986 the Old Årsta Bridge has been regarded as a “historic building”, which means that the exterior cannot be altered. The old worn steel bridge deck was detached from the rest of the steel bridge and lowered down to a barge. It was removed and a new one arrived on another barge. In addition to the cultural-historical demands on the works, strict environmental requirements had to be met in order to avoid or limit environmental impact.

  • Owner: Swedish Transport Administration

  • Architect: Sven Markelius and Olof Lundgren. Consulting expert was Prof. Henrik Kreüger, Architect Cyrillus Johansson participated in the architectural design.

  • Engineering company: Ramböll

  • Contractor: Skanska Sverige AB

The finalists for the European Steel Bridge Awards for the Category Pedestrian & Cycle Bridges are:
(alphabetical order by country)



This pedestrian bridge is a symbolic passage between the city and the port of Antwerp, through a single pan between the London Tower and the High School. Its slender shape and playful openings give it the look of a modern work of art. The exciting footbridge symbolizes the enormous revalorization that these once unfamiliar neighbourhoods have undergone in recent years. A bridge resting on two buildings is something quite rare. It was clear from the beginning that this would become an unavoidable landmark. Amongst

  • Owner: AG Vespa

  • Architect: Ney & Partners

  • Engineering company: Ney & Partners

  • Contractor: Emotec nv



The new bridge consists of a light steel deck, suspended at the concrete deck slab of the Adolphe Bridge. This new connection is barely visible from the outside and confers a refreshing contemporary design in symbiosis with the strength of the historic arches of the Pont Adolphe. The attractive access to the bridge will invite cyclists and pedestrians to choose a pleasant and comfortable alternative to cross the Petrusse Valley.

  • Owner: Ministère du Développement Durable et des Infrastructures-MDDI

  • Architect: CBA Christian Bauer & Associés

  • Engineering company: INCA Ingénieurs Conseils Associés

  • Contractor: Soludec & LuxTP



The bridge is in the Groruddal area, linking the city centre with the recreational areas east of Oslo. The Jungle bridge lifts the pedestrians up into the trees, respecting the untouched valley below. It is a simple suspension bridge over a small river, maximizing the use of prefabricated lightweight elements. Elements are hot-dip galvanized for corrosion protection.

  • Owner: City of Oslo

  • Architect: SAAHA

  • Engineering company: Degree of Freedom

  • Contractor: Implenia

Awards Ceremony for the European Steel Bridge Award 2018

The European Steel Bridge Awards 2018 will be given at a Ceremony during the 9th International symposium on Steel Bridges, on 11th September 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic. Winners will be announced during the ceremony and published on the ECCS website: The material is copyright-free for press-release and
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