Project owner

Région Reunion


Bureau d’études Greisch


Coyne et Bellier


Getec Réunion


Steel contractor


Type : Bridges
Category : Road, highway and railway bridges

The viaduct constructed between 2007 and 2009. The deck, 200 meters long by 20,1 meters wide, is a mixed steel/reinforced concrete structure. The steel framing is formed by a pair of longitudinal box girders having a height just above one meter by two meters in width, spaced out at 8 meter centres. The longitudinal box girders are connected between each other and stiffened with “T” sections spaced out at circa 4 meter centres. The box girders also form a surface for supporting the pre-cast deck elements necessary for casting the reinforced concrete deck. The arch, which develops overa length of approximately 170 meters, is formed from a steel box girder of varying height with continuità from the abutment, where the height is greater than 5 meters and the mean width circa 2,6 meters, up to the arch ridge, where the box flattens out and becomes 1 meter high by 10 meters wide.