Project owner

County Council Arad


Prof. Radu Bancila, Dr.Ing. Edward Petzek, Prof. Vasile Bond

Steel contractor

Amarad Arad

This bridge is the first structure from a large program concerning the rehabilitation of a series of historical bridges. Every case must be separately considered. Nevertheless the rehabilitation of such representative structures is one of the main tasks of the bridge engineers. For the deck, the solution of a composite structure was chosen. The thickness of the new concrete deck is 22 cm. Headed studs with D=22 mm welded through steel sheets were used. Bridge with four spans and parabolic main girder L = 4 x 39,8 = 159,20 m
Total tonnage: Initial Structure 422 tones, Strengthening 92 tones (ca. 0,6 to / m) Total: 514 tones