This book is the first in a series of Brazil – Portugal joint publications, a series we believe will be extremely helpful in guiding the Brazilian structural engineers through the changes that the Eurocodes represent. It is a derivate of the general ECCS book “Design of Steel Structures” and includes specific information relating to the Brazilian Standard NBR8800.

According to the objectives of the ECCS Eurocode Design Manuals, this book aim to provide a “simple” theoretical basis and a description of the design proceedings and detailed design examples.

Consequently, this book is more than a manual: it details the theoretical fundamental concepts of Eurocode 3, and also considers practical application that intends to represent real design situations instead of the simplified examples usually found in most books of structural design.
General topics are covered, such as the general principles of design, material properties, geometrical characteristics and tolerances, methods of analysis, the design criteria for steel structural members subjected to internal forces (tensile, shear and bending, compression and torsion).

The Portuguese Edition of this book also includes a presentation of the design proceedings presented in the Brazilian Standard NBR 8800 for the design of steel structures and composite structures for buildings. As an additional contribution, all the design examples previously solved according to Eurocode 3, are now presented according to the standard NBR8800, to facilitate a critical analysis of these two important standards for the structural design in steel.