INNO3DJOINTS Webinar (project outcomes)

Short description of the webinar:

In the INNO3DJOINTS research project innovative plug-and-play joints for hybrid tubular construction have been developed. This type of joints has been conceived for promising structural systems whereby tubular columns are combined with cold-formed lightweight steel profiles to provide a highly structural efficiency.

In the light of the obtained results, the following objectives have been fulfilled:

  • Development of a design procedure in the framework of the component method for innovative plug-and-play joints;
  • Development of design procedures for cold-formed connections (EC3-1-3) fully consistent with the component method and EC3-1-8;
  • Characterization of particular aspects of joints involving manufacturing of cold-formed tubular sections.
  • Implementation of a general procedure for tackling the 3D behaviour of these particular steel joints for both design and structural analysis;
  • Development of buckling curves for tubular cold-formed columns;
  • Structural assessment of the hybrid system for low to medium-rise buildings under normal and accidental actions (fire and seismic) through representative case studies, using the developed methodologies.

All these issues will be summarized and discussed during a webinar that will be held on 15 December 2020 from 14:30 to 18:00 CET.

The webinar is open for all people that will be registered at the following link:

The programme is available here.