STCO Online Live Seminar #2 with Prof. Knobloch, Prof. Kuhlmann and Prof. Taras:
Structural member stability in the second generation of Eurocode 3

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With a series of Online Live Seminars (OLS) ECCS Steel Construction (STCO) journal presents international keynote speakers with up to date topics. Partner of the STCO OLS series is the European Convention for Constructional Steelworks (ECCS). The online lecture takes up to 1.5 hours. Following the speakers are available for questions and answers.

STCO OLS #2 will be given by Prof. Markus Knobloch, Ruhr-University Bochum, Prof. Ulrike Kuhlmann, Stuttgart University and Prof. Andreas Taras, ETH Zurich – supported by Anna-Lena Bours and Fabian Jörg – with a keynote Structural member stability in the second generation of Eurocode 3 at 26 March 2021 10.00 to 12.00 a.m. CET. The keynote is based on a two part paper by Knobloch, M.; Bureau, A.; Kuhlmann, U.; da Silva, L. S.; Snijder, H. H.; Taras, A.; Bours, A.-L.; Jörg, F. Structural member stability verification in the new Part 1-1 of the second generation of Eurocode 3,
Part 1: Evolution of Eurocodes, background to partial factors, cross-section classification and structural analysis (DOI 10.1002/stco.202000016),
Part 2: Member buckling design rules and further innovations. (DOI 10.1002/stco.202000027),
which had been published in Steel Construction 13 (2020) issues 2 and 3.

The OLS gives an overview of the developments of the structural member verification in prEN 1993‐1‐1:2020 “Eurocode 3: Design of steel structures – part 1‐1: General rules and rules for buildings”, of the second generation of Eurocodes. Many improvements to design rules have been established with respect to structural analysis, resistance of cross‐sections and stability of members. The OLS focuses on member stability design rules and deals with the basis for the calibration of partial factors, the introduction of more economic design rules for semi‐compact sections, methods for structural analysis in relation to the appropriate member stability design rules, new design rules for lateral torsional buckling plus other developments and innovations. The upcoming most relevant changes to member buckling design rules are thus illustrated.


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26 March 2021    10.00 – 12.00 CET

Regular fees: 39 € + VAT

ECCS members: 29 € + VAT (ask a code to [email protected])

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