Project owner



Patrick Berger & Jacques Anziutti



Steel contractor

Castel & Fromaget

Construction works : crossing work, north and South buildings and restructuring of the vertical circulations of the Old Forum : as part of the Les Halles Paris’s redevelopment project. Turn over: 60 M € 7 000 T
Jury comments:
Replacing a dead and alive big hole, this new public area combines multicultural activities on each side with a fantastic open way totally covered, above and around a central patio opened on commercial shops and transport facilities on 4 levels under located.
The exceptional architectural design of this double curved steel and glass structure is perfectly served by an exceptional quality of execution, both in fabrication and erection.
A specific study based on natural fire engineering has been made to prevent from any structural collapse.
Thanks to this expressive architectural wave above crossing people, light is coming inside in a nice game of transparency, like the sun through trees canopy…
No doubt : a new Monument is born in Paris !