A user-friendly software tool was developed and validated during HOLLOSSTAB, which implements the operations and procedures involved in the application of design methodologies developed during the other parts of the projects.

The software is a small stand-alone application, which permits designers to determine the strength (including local, global and local+global buckling) of hollow-section members (columns, beams, beam columns) on the basis of the new GSRM-type rules developed in HOLLOSSTAB.

The software calculation core for the determination of the GSRM-related quantities such as the elastic critical buckling loads and the elastic and plastic reference resistances. This is performed on the basis of the generalized beam theory (GBT) and the plastic stress blocks approach after an appropriate discretization of the cross-section and member. With these quantities, the GSRM-type slenderness and reduction factors and, finally, the member strength are calculated.